Aloha and welcome to new homeowners in the Kapalua Resort!

Whether you own a condominium, a home, or a lot, this page has been created to help you get started on the road to happy ownership in the Kapalua Resort. While we cannot answer every question in the short span of this webpage, we can point you in the proper direction for the resources you may need. Additionally, we will post some common questions with answers at the end of this page that may give you a better understanding on the division of responsibilities within the resort.

Additionally, feel free to stop by the KRA office and say aloha. We always enjoy meeting new members. The office is located at 700 Village Road; which is just north of, as well as behind, the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua. Finally, feel free to give us your contact information and we'll be sure to put you on our newsletter and email lists*.

Before moving on, it would be beneficial for you read the section of the website titled, What is the KRA? With so many entities in Kapalua, it is often confusing. With that in mind, it would certainly be important to review some of these important entities:

Kapalua Resort Association

As an owner, you are a member of the Kapalua Resort Association (KRA), the master resort association. The 1650 acre, master-planned resort is home to ten exclusive, residential communities comprised of stunning, single family homes, dramatic home sites and premier condominium villas. In addition, The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua, various commercial entities within the resort, the golf courses, as well as Maui Land & Pineapple are members. In its simplest form, the KRA is tasked with the duty of maintaining, protecting and improving the common elements of the master resort (like the streets, lights, signage, some structures, etc). It can also offer security and shuttle services. The KRA does not manage or maintain the areas within your specific homeowner's association. That is the task of each respective association. For a listing of the individual homeowners associations, as well as any links that may be provided, please go to the Other HOAs Page.

Your Homeowners Association and KRA

Within the Kapalua Resort, there are distinct homeowner’s associations that are organized and governed by their own unique set of documents. These individual documents define the conditions by which you are bound to their common good. No doubt, you received a copy of these documents when you purchased real estate in the Kapalua Resort. If you need more information on your HOA, you are encouraged to contact the respective managing agent or on-site manager. Additionally, these HOA’s (Homeowner Associations) are listed in the contact page {once again, add a link to the contact page}. For example, if you own a villa at the Bay Villas, you are a member of the Bay Villa AOAO

These HOA’s govern and maintain each respective association. New homeowners often find the difference between their HOA’s and the KRA difficult to understand. Generally, you can consider everything from the start of the entry gate, or entry road at your development, and within the HOA boundaries to be a part of your HOA. The land outside of that is the responsibility of the KRA or other entities. It’s important to understand where KRA responsibility ends and your HOA’s responsibilities begin. For example, if the roof or exterior walls of your condominium are in need of repair, you would need to call your HOA. If the landscaping within your gate is in need of work, you would need to call your HOA. However, if you noticed something amiss with the road or streetlights in the main junctures of the resort, that would be the responsibility of the KRA.

Admittedly, it’s somewhat confusing at first, but if you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact the KRA office and we can point you in the right direction.

Typical Questions

Click any question for the answer.

 If I have a maintenance issue in my home or condo, who do I call? 

For maintenance issues, it all depends on whether or not you have a management company that manages your unit. If you do, then you should call them. If, on the other hand, you live in your unit or manage it yourself, you will need to determine where your HOA responsibilities end and yours begin. Generally speaking, a simple call to your HOA manager (most have an on-site manager) should help clear things up. For the most part, the KRA would not be involved in any maintenance issues with your unit.

 How do I pay my KRA dues? 

All KRA fees are billed directly to your HOA, so you will not be billed separately for them. Your monthly maintenance fees already have a small portion dedicated to the KRA and they pay on your behalf.

 How is the KRA governed? Is there a board of directors? 

Just as your HOA has a board of directors, so does the KRA. Currently, there are five members of the board for KRA. The Executive Director of the KRA is a position that has been appointed by the board to manage the affairs of the association.

 How do I find out what's going on around the resort? 

With respect to KRA issues, the website will certainly be the most efficient form of receiving information. There may also be periodic newsletters as well. If you would like to know what's happening from a development standpoint, the Kapalua website is a good resource. From that website, you can also learn about upcoming activities, dining, or golf.

 Does my HOA have a website? 

For those HOA's that have a website, we will offer a link on our website. Please note that some may be restricted to owners only and therefore could be password protected. While we will make every effort to keep our web links up to date, you should still check with your HOA manager to see if they have a website.

 I'm really new, how do I get oriented to the resort? 

One of the best ways to get “up to speed” the quickest is to attend one of the periodic Town Hall meetings held by Mr. Tom Juliano. Feel free to contact us for information on the next regularly scheduled meeting.

 Is there a list of amenities I have access to? 

Generally speaking, the KRA amenities are the roads, lights, shuttle, signs, walkways, trails, etc. However, do not discount the natural amenities that are always in abundance; like the beaches, trails, etc. If you're looking for information on traditional amenities such as golf or tennis, please refer to the Kapalua website. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel also offers some amenities; however for non-guests, there may be a fee.

 As a homeowner in Kapalua, can I use the pools or hot tub at the Ritz-Carlton? 

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel is privately owned and the amenities are reserved for their guests. If you have a need to use any of the Ritz-Carlton facilities, we would encourage you to call their front desk and inquire about rates.

 If I have a security issue, who should I call? 

If you have a security concern, please call Kapalua Security at 669-5633. They have someone manning the phones 24 hrs a day. Please also see the security link on this website.

 What about taking the shuttle? How do I make arrangement to use it? 

There is a shuttle service that you can use. Please see the details on the Shuttle page of this website.

* The KRA email database will not be released for any type of marketing or spam.